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America’s Baptists

The America’s Baptists series will explore this important denomination’s history in all of its complexity. Baptist history is both an important part of the main currents of religious history in the country and a unique story—or, rather, a series of unique stories—that reflects ecumenical, political, social, and certainly theological characteristics that, in many ways, are deeply American at their core. Many of these works will be historical monographs, but the series will embrace different types of primary and secondary works, including but not limited to annotated collections of diaries, letters, and personal reflections as well as biographies and essays.

For more information or to discuss proposals, please contact:

Scot Danforth, director, University of Tennessee Press, danforth@utk.edu


Keith Harper, professor of Baptist Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, khaper@sebts.edu

Charles K. Wolfe Music Series

The Charles K. Wolfe Music Series was launched in honor of the late Charles K. Wolfe (1943–2006), whose pioneering work in the study of American vernacular music brought a deepened understanding of a wide range of American music to a worldwide audience. In recognition of Dr. Wolfe’s approach to music scholarship, the series will include books that investigate genres of folk and popular music as broadly as possible.

To submit a proposal or manuscript for consideration in the Charles K. Wolfe series, please contact:

Ted Olson, Professor of Appalachian Studies, East Tennessee State University, olson@etsu.edu


Thomas Wells, acquisitions editor, twells@utk.edu

Legacies of War

The Legacies of War series presents a variety of works—from scholarly monographs to memoirs—that examine the impact of war on society, both in the United States and globally. The wide scope of the series might include war’s effects on civilian populations, its lingering consequences for veterans, and the role of individual nations and the international community in confronting genocide and other injustices born of war.

To submit a proposal or manuscript for consideration in the Legacies of War series, please contact:

Kurt Piehler, Associate Professor of History, Florida State University, kpiehler@fsu.edu


Thomas Wells, acquisitions editor, twells@utk.edu

Sport and Popular Culture

The Sport and Popular Culture series is designed to promote critical, innovative research in the history of sport through a wide spectrum of works—monographs, edited volumes, biographies, and reprints of classics.

To submit a proposal or manuscript for consideration in the Sport and Popular Culture series, please contact:

Brian M. Ingrassia, Assistant?Professor of History, West Texas A&M University, bingrassia@wtamu.edu


Thomas Wells, acquisitions editor, twells@utk.edu

Voices of the Civil War

The Voices of the Civil War series makes available a variety of primary source materials that illuminate issues on the battlefield, the home front, and the western front, as well as other aspects of this historic era. The series contextualizes the personal accounts within the framework of the latest scholarship and expands established knowledge by offering new perspectives, new materials, and new voices.

To submit a proposal or manuscript for consideration in the Voices of the Civil War series, please contact:

Michael P. Gray, Associate Professor of History, East Stroudsburg University, mpgray@esu.edu


Scot Danforth, director, danforth@utk.edu